FI KVA, FI TVA, JK3, AGI3, RTK1, BH Eloisa Sinko “Ruuti”

Ruuti is full of vibrant gunpowder. Ruuti is an open, social, lively and very brave young female, with very hard motivation to work. Ruuti has a big need to learn things. Ruuti has also great fighting will, prey, sharpness and temperament can be found to support qualities. Ruuti is therefore a real dream pack for the active hobbyist. You could also say that she is a dog for one woman. When I picked her up from the breeder, she said to me; “Girls stick together” and so we have done.

Ruuti was awarded in obedience as FI TVA 14.12.2014. In Obedience Ruuti was chosen to represent to Belgian shepherds World Championships (FMBB) 2015 to Czech Republic. In obedience Finnish Championships 2015 ranking was 42th. In agility, Ruuti competes in the Maxi3 class. Ruuti’s incredible speed brings challenges!

We started to competed in forest track autumn 2015 and in less than two months she achieved four times first result (JK1, JK2 and 2x JK3) in four competitions. The goal for the year 2016 was the title of the use elite and competition place in the PK SM competition. These goals were fully achieved on 6.6.2016. Ruuti reached KVA in six competitions, one was interrupted in the pouring rain, and the five experiments were completed and five great first results! So far, the activities range is obedience, agility and forest track.

Ruuti has one litter with Udo, born 6.2.2017 and the puppies have proven to be excellent dogs for several activities, I couldn’t be happier!

Belgian Shepherd Dog Groenendael Female
S. 11.7.2012
Breeder Erja Juvakka, Kennel Eloisa, Sastamala

Height 59 cm
Weight 22 kg

Exhibition Quality Rating Excellent

Back 16.3.2015;
Lumbar cross-vertebral vertebra:
LTV0 (Normal)
Dorsal spondylosis: SP0 (Clean)
Deformity of the vertebrae: VA0 (normal)
The whole spine described as a healthy 9.8.2013
Hips A/A
Elbows 0/0
Eyes OK, 2.11.2013, 28.11.2015
The polyxisation statement OK, 2.11.2013
Teeth Scissor Bite,
Missing Bottom Mol P2

LTE 11.6.2016/character Test + 112
Functional Ability + 1b, sharpness + 1a, desire for defense + 3, desire for action + 2a, nerve structure + 1b, temperament + 3, hardness + 1, accessibility-1b, shot of fearlessness + +

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Obedience Dog of the year 2016, Kyroskosken käyttökoirat
Forest track KVA 6.6.2016
PK Rookie of the Year 2015, Belgian Shepherd Dog Association
Kyrön Plate 2015 (best true Rookie), Kyroskosken käyttökoirat
Best traildog 2015, Kyroskosken käyttökoirat
Oil Pysti 2015 (with the best score for the JK2 made by the dog), the use of Kyröskosken dogs
Obedience Dog of the year 2014, Kyroskosken käyttökoirat

Ruuti Results