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Udo des Crétuz Neufs “Udo”

Udo is mixed line, import dog from Switzerland. The mother is tervueren Kaly des Crétuz Neufs, the father is multiple French ring winner groenendael Rex du Champ Boulet.

Udo has very good nerves, he is very social with people and dogs, has good pray drive and will to fight (play). In addition, he has strong will  to please and he has will to defence and has also a little bit sharpness.  Udo wants to do always his best and responds very well to education. At home, Udo is very easy and inconspicuous dog.

In agility, he is very fast, passionate and elastic, but also easy to handle controllable. We competed in agility in the class of maxi 3 and we got the agility champion tittle in 2.3.2013. In the obedience Udo competed in the EVL class. We got obedience champion tittle 22.4.2011. Udo has been member of Finnish Obedience team at FMBB, three times: in Rome, Italy spring 2012 and in Koper, Slovenia spring 2013 where we were in the 4 th place personally and our team got silver. We also participated in Finland 2014.

Udo is working champion in tracking, but we have also comped in versatile search trial and search. We have trained also IPO and MR, but becouse of the time limited I decides to concentrat to other dog sports.

Udo has two litters. The first litter was Willow Creek Missy. More about this litter at Willow Creek Kennel’s website. The offsprings have already been officially X-rayed and their results are good. More information can be found at the end of the web page. Another litter was born in 6.2.2017 with Ruuti (Eloisa Sinko). Litter has proved to be quite active and sporty dogs. I couldn’t be happier!

* Udo’s back and both hips has been  X-rayed in 2.9.2015 and with result:  beginning spondylosis between thoracic spine 5-6, 2/3 osteoarthritis.

At the moment Udo is totally health and lives a normal home dog life e.g. jogging long distances with me. However, the active competition career is already over, becouse of the age.

groenendael male
b. 9.9.2007
d. 7.12.2020
Breeder Claudine Jaquier, Kennel Crétuz Neufs, Switzerland

Height 66 cm
Weight 34 kg

Show very good

hips A/A, elbows 0/0, whole back,
shoulders healthy 23.2.2009
hips and back  2.9.2015 *: beginning spondylosis
eyes OK, 2.11.2013, 28.11.2015, 15.11.2017
knees OK, 2.11.2013
All teeth, scissor bite
SDCA (Ataksia): SDCA1: N/N, SDCA2: N/N

character test 113 (Koirat)

Year of exploration dog Kyröskosken Käyttökoirat 2016
Year of  obedience dog Kyröskosken Käyttökoirat 2013, 2014, 2015 2. S
Year of tracking dog Kyröskosken Käyttökoirat 2013 2. S
Year of  agility dog Kyröskokosken Käyttökoirat 2014
Obedience-SM Competitions 2012, 2013, 2014
FMBB Obedience representation:
2012 Italy, Rome (4/12 and 3/12 places)
2013 Slovenia, Koper (9. S and 2. s)
2014 Finland (7th S and 14. s)
PK-SM Competitions – tracking, 2013 Place 11., 2014 (not in to terrain), 2015 (not in to terrain)

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