Puppie plans 2020 / 2021


Vip has been mated 27.2.2020,
puppies expected week 18/2020



2020 / 2021 Naavalan Musta Athene


The mother in this litter is my own dog VK1 (message trial), JK1 (tracking), Agi2, Obe1, BH Eloisa Vip. From the background of Vip can be found very versatile and successful dogs.
Vip´s mother Eloisa Pikkuhukka´s side there are many champion in agility, obedience and national  dog sports.  Many dogs have also the results of protection and herding.
Two of Vip´s brother´s works at army: Vampy at airforce of Holland in protection work and Varjelus at  Finnish army in protection work and at tracking.

Vip’s father Eddy, was a black KNPV (Dutch Policedog) x-Malinois (unregistered). The KNPV dogs were originally registered, mainly as malinois, but becouse of the health and character reasons, people started to cross the breeds. KNPV dogs are very popular as working dogs around the world (Käyttöbelgi.info).

Eddy´s puppies and most of Eddy’s siblings have passed PH1 (Police dog auditions). Some work of these dogs work for police, custom and so on. Those pups, which are not trained in protection work, have been good family dogs. Eloisa V litter is unique in the world becouse of  their father’s backgrounds.

We have many different hobbies with Vip: messenger dog trail, tracking, agility and obedience. We have also trained search, but the competitions have to wait until messenger dog career is over.

VIP is well-balanced and has very good nerves, she doesn’t have noise or platform sensitivities, and she is social with  people and other dogs.

hips A/A, elbows 0/0
whole back and shoulders OK 2.12.2015 and 7.12.2016

healt results;
lumbosacral transitional vertebra LTV0 (normal)
spondylosis SP0 (free)
vertebral anomaly (normal), number 0 2.12.2015
patellar luxation  OK, 28.11.2015
eyes OK, 28.11.2015
denture: scissor bite, missing two P2-teeth up
right C1 – tooth has been removed becouse of accident 11.2.2016
SDCA (Ataksia): SDCA1: N/N, SDCA2: N/N



The father in the litter will be my own male Udo des Crétuz Neufs


If you are interested in a puppy from these litter´s please contact us;

Tel. + 358408013443
I can be best reached by phone in the evenings