Sari ja Ruuti

I live with my husband and four black dogs in the village of Mutala in Ylöjärvi, in the middle of the forest and peace of the nature. Often we have visitors two black Miniature Schnauzer, or Kete (one of my Belgian Shepherd dogs) who is living with my son.

I work as a restaurant manager at the Aleksis restaurants in Tampere. My story with dogs is the ordinary story of a girl who never got her own dog but we had cats. I took care and trained all the dogs in the neighborhood.

I brought home all the animals, which I found from forest. Some of them had the need for caring, some not. Some had got lost from their homes, some not. Many young birdsgrew up in a shoe box with my care.

When I moved to my own home, almost immediately I got my first dog, rescue German Shepherd male “Zorro”. I trained Zorro with the help of the trainers from Taves (local working club).

My next dog was a black Miniature Schnauzer male, Romeo.  Soon my daughter got her own Miniature Schnauzer, Ivan.

After a long period of consideration I chose Belgian Shepherds. I wanted a bigger dog, with versatile features as possible.

I was looking for a suitable dog with my friends Erja Juvakka from kennel Eloisa and Anne Kilpi from kennel Talvihallan. At the end, we decided to bring together a mixed line Groenendael male Udo des Crétuz Neufs from Switzerland, in a purpose to bring a new blood to the Finnish Groenendael population. After a few years, the pack grew up with another Groenendael male, when Talvihallan Cougar moved to us.

My first female, Eloisa Sinko “Ruuti” came to us in the summer 2012. In the winter 2015 arrived Eloisa Vip “Vip” and the natural continuum was of course a dream to get  comes true with litter in my own kennel. When this dream came true, I chose a male to myself and now Kito became to our fifth

The Kennel name, Naavalan Musta has been confirmed and my goal is to breed groenendael which are suitable for many different dog sports.

My dog CV;
With Romeo the hobby was quickly expanded into an active action at the Ylöjärven Koirakerho (dog club in Ylöjärvi). In the most active years I have worked as the club secretary, in the board of directors, the person in charge of agility and in the working group of obedience. I have also been in the board of directors and worked as a person in charge of the training in Kyröskosken Käyttökoirat.

I’ve trained to be competition official in our national working sports, trainer and competition official in agility and obedience. I have also graduated from the breeders basic course and participated in countless seminars and training’s.

I have trained for several years my own teams in both, agility and obedience. Now I train others rarely and concentrate more on my own dogs. I have also trained and competed with several different dogs in various sports: obedience, agility, tracking, search, versatile search trial, trial message and rally-obedience.

Also, I have guided a few loan dogs. Groenendael female Vau in the agility competitions as well as Groenendael male Eico in the Finnish championchip  2012 on tracking. Big thanks for your confidence Hanna and Anne.

I have had an honor to represent Finland four times in FMBB: in Italy 2012, in Slovenia 2013 and in Tuusula (Finland) 2014 with Udo. In Italy and Slovenia we reached a team silver and a personal 4th place. With Ruuti we competed in the Czech Republic in Pisésk in May 2015.


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